• What mission agency are you with?

    Lifeway Baptist Church and Project collectively make up our mission agencies. We believe in the biblical pattern of local church involvement in global missions. Between these two institutions, we have all the general benefits of most mission board without the added administrative fees. See pages 8-9 of our missions presentation to learn more.

  • Who is Project China?

    "Project China is an association of missionaries with gospel-proclaiming, disciple-making, church-planting, leader training, and missions-mobilizing ministries reaching China and Taiwan with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are committed to training leaders of leaders and establishing new local churches. This goal is pursued by the planting of model churches, the open proclamation of the gospel to unbelievers, and life-on-life discipleship." -Project China

  • How do I contact your agencies?

    The board at our sending church facilitates financial adminstration and spiritual oversight while Project China serves to answer missions-specific questions. If you have a general financial inquiry, you may email the financial administrator. Please ensure you include attention to Ginny in the subject line. Furthermore, you may click here to email our board. (The email will be directed to our senior pastor, Steve Von Bokern.)

    If you have questions regarding the on-field mission work, contact our missionary network, Project China. (This email will be directed to Jake Taube, founder of Project China and our associate in Taiwan.)

  • How do you intend to maintain contact with your supporters?

    We send out a missionary newsletter to update our supporters. Join the email list by clicking here. You can also follow us on social media. Furthermore, our home church, pastoral leadership, and on-field missions network (Project China) can give additional validity to our gospel work, progress, and plans upon request. We also welcome deeper communication with each and every one of our gospel partners. We are always an email or phone call away (pending global time differences). Visit our Contact Page to reach us anytime.

  • How do you intend to maintain financial integrity with your supporters?

    All support dollars go through the federally recognized non-profit 501(c)(3) church organization of Lifeway Baptist Church and directly into a designated and exclusive account for the international mission of God's Kingdom Work. Therefore, 100% of all donations go to the Taiwan church planting gospel ministry of Ben and Natasha Murray. Furthermore, every donation is recorded by Lifeway Baptist Church, and every donor is mailed a full giving statement at the end of the fiscal year. We are self-employed missionaries and sole proprietors; therefore, Lifeway annually issues us a 1099-MISC, and we pay our taxes accordingly.

    All online donations are processed in the same way except the user may create an account through our giving platform to view all transactions. Upon the end of the fiscal year, patrons will also receive a full giving statement by email. See our Give Page for more information.

  • In the event of a life-altering emergency, how will you ensure the continuance of the gospel works you establish in Taiwan?

    Our goal for all the ministries the Lord allows us to establish is self-sufficiency. The implementation of indigenous leaders (national pastors/elders) in autonomous (self-governing/self-supporting) churches are the key factors to long-term gospel influence beyond our missionary lifetime. If a church is new and reletively unstable, Project China and/or the more mature and previously established churches (which we orginally planted by God's grace) will aid the future growth of infant ministries.

    Financially speaking, we will have an escrow prepared in the case of catastrophic events prior to our final departure to Taiwan so that our supporters will not be financially or administratively responsible.

  • In the event of death or physical disablement, are financial partners expected to continue monthly support for you and/or your family?

    No, supporters are not financially liable for such events. Our life insurance and disability insurance will cover all cost caused by catastrophic events like death or disablement. Furthermore, ministry partners are no longer obligated to financially support us as missionaries if we are disabled from doing full-time Christian work.

  • Who is financially responsible for your retirment?

    We are solely responsible for our retirement supplied by our personal salary which is separate from our ministry income. We do not expect our financial partners to continue monthly support upon our retirement.

  • What is your plan for health care?

    We will have an international healthcare plan to address all medical expenses. Our healthcare plan completely alleviates our supporters of all major medical emergency bills.

  • How can I reach you with a question?

    We welcome your questions! Go to our contact page and send me an email with your question(s). Alternatively, you may email me directly by clicking here.