September — October 2017 // Murray Missions Update


"We are assured of this very thing: God is more than able to fully carry out all his promises to the praise of his glory and for the good of all nations."

Thanks Be to God and His People

How grateful we are for your prayers and support! Thank you to all who have been so gracious and encouraging! We serve gratefully as God’s adopted sons and daughters through Christ in our Heavenly Father’s magnificent gospel work to the nations. As a necessary component to getting the gospel to Taiwan, we diligently labor in raising missions dollars. We frequently recognize that it is not by the collective power of human abilities and resources alone that we may accomplish this international work of God. It is just that, a “work of God.” He must not only provide for his people and his church to supply the essential mission dollars, but he must also propel his people by his grace to fulfill the Great Commission to every nation. Thanks be to God alone for his unfailing promises and unstoppable power to do this work he has called us all to do!

God-given Meetings

Constantly we are refreshed by the fellowship and union in Christ we find during our travels to many churches across the Midwest. God certainly is building his church; and the gospel is going forth in many towns, communities, and cities! We have had meetings around Louisville, southern Indiana, northern Indiana, central Illinois, northern Illinois, and southern Wisconsin. In the most immediate future, we have meetings planned in Michigan and Ohio with more presentation events added to our calendar often.

Urgent Transportation Need

As you know, a missionary travels very often, in fact, it is not challenging to clock 100,000 miles driving from church to church in just a couple years. Having a reliable vehicle is essential. Unexpectedly to us (but not to God), our SUV has suddenly become un-drivable due to unrepairable engine failure. In order to continue our travels, we require a completely different vehicle (or a new engine, see actual estimate) that will meet all our travel needs. We trust God to provide for this transportation need and if you wish to be a part of God’s provision to help us stay on the road, visit our online giving pageEvery donation received will go towards funding our immediate transportation need.

Please pray for...

  • A reliable vehicle that meets all our needs and allows us to make all our future meetings.
  • The spiritual revitalization of the believers to personally and individually be motivated by his grace to take action in local and global evangelism.
  • God to swiftly provide for our missionary support to reach Taiwan with the gospel.
  • God to prepare many Taiwanese hearts to receive the gospel and raise up regenerate national leadership through the local church.
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Attention pastors/elders, if you are interested in God's Kingdom Work and would like to schedule us to present our church-planting mission to Taiwan at your church, click here to view our calendar and set up a meeting. It only takes seconds! Or set up a webinar with me to hear more about our theology, missions philosophy, mission goals, partnerships, and evangelistic methodology.