November — December 2017 // Murray Missions Update

With joy, let us celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this Christmas season!

With joy, let us celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this Christmas season!

Missionary Reflections on 2017

"In 2017, we can recount many times when God enabled us by His matchless grace to continue by faith."

Technically, February 2018 will mark our first full year of raising long-term missions support, but in these past ten months we estimate that we have:

  • Driven 30,000 miles
  • Burned 3,000 gallons of gas
  • Listened to 350 hours of preaching, teaching, and biblical materials
  • Visited 90 churches throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana
  • Had 7,000 points of contact with prospective supporting churches
  • Spent 70,000 minutes on the phone
  • Booked 80 meetings
  • Distributed over 1,000 prayer cards
  • Subscribed 100 people to our missionary newsletters (subscribe here if you haven't already!)
  • Consumed 50 McDonald’s Big Macs (not all at one time!)
  • And worked 2,200 hours

As we reflect on the astounding year of 2017, the collective pervading thought in our missionary minds is the goodness and faithfulness of God! Although this year has not been without its challenges (especially in transportation), God remains praiseworthy! We can recount many times when God enabled us by His matchless grace to continue by faith.

Beyond the spiritual blessings we experience daily in Christ, we also see God’s hand of provision for our physical needs and ministry demands. Whereas we have often been guilty of doubts and fears, we swiftly repent when we survey the unfailing character of God!

In God’s abounding grace, the Lord has been merciful to us in providing for every need we have had through the generosity of His people across the Midwest. We wish you a Merry Christmas we thank all who have been so hospitable, kind, and giving. Your enduring friendship, faithful prayers, and consistent support greatly encourage us in the faith as we live for God’s glory — just as you also live for God’s glory.

Further Rejoicing and Missional Training

We also rejoice in the on-going missionary training we receive on a monthly basis from our missions network. We desire to serve God with our lives and to sharpen our understanding of God’s Word to be more useful for God’s Kingdom work long-term. In addition to formal training, we also daily endeavor to read gospel-saturated, biblically sound books. We are thankful to all who have gifted books to us during our travels, regularly adding to our book reading list.

Ultimately, we give thanks to God for 2017; He deserves all the glory! — and with prayerful expectation, we look to the new year. Already the Lord has been pleased to fill up our calendar for the first quarter of 2018.

Please pray for...

  • Renewed worship in spirit and truth of the real reason for Christmas — Jesus Christ

  • The gospel of Jesus Christ to reach the nations through biblical missionary efforts

  • Our upcoming meetings of the new year (grant open hearts receptive to God’s Word and global missions)

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