Pray for Asia :: July-August 2017 // Murray Missions Update


"Without a doubt a world-crisis is at hand, and everywhere men are alarmed. But God is not! He is never taken by surprise." - The Sovereignty of God, pub. 1918

Please Pause to Pray for Asia


Allow me to turn our attention briefly to the Asian world. Web search "North Korea," or watch international news and you know why. I write you not to stimulate political talk but to call Christians to pray. Pray for Asia. Pray for Japan. Pray for South Korea. Pray for Taiwan. Pray for China. And pray for the gospel-devoid land of North Korea. In times like these, we must be reminded of our mighty God and the power of the gospel to save!

"Without a doubt a world-crisis is at hand, and everywhere men are alarmed. But God is not! He is never taken by surprise. It is no unexpected emergency which now confronts Him, for He is the One who 'worketh all things after the counsel of His own will' (Eph. 1: 11). Hence, though the world is panic-stricken, the word to the believer is, 'Fear not'! …[So] long as we are occupied with any other object than God Himself, there will be neither rest for the heart nor peace for the mind."

The timely relevance of these words may shock you when I tell you that they were written nearly 100 years ago! Nonetheless, these words ring true and strikingly relevant because they resound the timeless truth of God's Word.

We believe that only the gospel has the power to transform enemies of God into worshipers of God (John 4:23). Regardless of your political persuasion, essentially, we all desperately need Christ alone. And it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we are committed to proclaim to the nations as missionaries.

I do not wish to make light of these matters; however, when we set eyes of faith on the impeccably just and loving character of Almighty God, the believer may rest assured of God's unstoppable plan for His glory and the good of all nations. The urgency of global gospel missions is clear. How will they hear without a messenger? May we all rest in God's omnipotent control of the universe and thus solidify our resolve by grace to obey Christ's mandate in global evangelism.

(Below you may read of our progress and prayers requests in this endeavor to return to Taiwan with the gospel. Thank you for reading and for your prayers!)

Past Meetings 

We praise God for the past meetings He has provided for us in northern Indiana, central Illinois, southern Michigan, Cincinnati, Ohio, and the in the northern tip of Kentucky. God continues to do what only He can do, call and enable His church to accomplish gospel mission works around the world. We rejoice that the Lord is supplying new support through churches for His Kingdom work in Taiwan! If you would like to contribute to or view our fundraising progress, click here.

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Deepening Gospel Friendships

We were most grateful for the unique opportunity we recently had to join a church group of dear believers located in Ohio for their annual retreat at Carter Caves. We most enjoyed the preaching during this spiritual retreat which refreshed our hearts and strengthened our faith in our mighty God. Also, we enjoyed the extra time of Christian fellowship and the occasion to deepen our friendships for global gospel missions.

Amazing Provisions of God

The Lord continues to provide for our needs faithfully. God never ceases to amaze us! Praise be to God for his mighty hand in reaching out to us in love through Christ as undeserving beneficiaries of His amazing grace! God’s Kingdom work is our mission, and we are thrilled to serve Him as the King of Kings for His glory alone!

Preaching at Home Church

Of significant note, we have planned a brief visit with Lifeway Baptist Church (our sending church) in October and we can’t wait to fellowship with our incredibly supportive church family again soon!

The Road Ahead

We have scheduled meetings and missions conferences in Michigan, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Indiana on the calendar and we continue to book more events every week by God’s grace.

Prayer Exhortations

  • Pray for North Korea to turn to God in repentance and faith in Christ alone.
  • Pray with us that God would spread the gospel throughout the entire Asian world.
  • Pray for our president and Asia’s national leaders (Shinzo Abe - Japan, Moon Jae-in - South Korea, Kim Jong-un - North Korea, Xi Jinping - China, Tsai Ing-wen - Taiwan, etc.).
  • Pray with us that God would raise up more to enter into full-time gospel mission work in Asia.
  • Pray with us that believers in churches worldwide would receive a great urgency and resolve from God to help mobilize more gospel missions.
  • Pray that God would send us back to Taiwan speedily yet subject to His perfect divine calendar.


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Attention pastors/elders, if you are interested in God's Kingdom Work and would like to schedule us to present our church-planting mission to Taiwan at your church, click here to view our calendar and set up a meeting. It only takes seconds! Or set up a webinar with me to hear more about our theology, missions philosophy, mission goals, partnerships, and evangelistic methodology.