Our Mission

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Preach Christ

We proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ! We believe in the importance of personal evangelism. Outreach is a biblically necessary means of a diligent gospel witness and cross-cultural evangelism in Christ alone.

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Plant Churches

We are church-planters! We seek to establish indigenous, autonomous, self-supporting, Christ-centered churches founded on and committed to Scripture alone as the course for fulfilling the Great Commission.

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Prepare National Pastors

We are disciple-makers! Intentional theologically-rich discipleship with an emphasis on practical ministry training is our primary method to prepare national leadership and nurture members of the body Christ to biblical maturity by grace alone.


Our Destination

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Population: 24 million

Taiwan has an “unreached” population* of 4.4 million, and 2% of the total population identifies as "evangelical Christian."

*Joshua Project defines the "unreached" as, "a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group without outside assistance."

Religious Statistics

*Chinese Folk Religion, Confucianism, Chinese Salvationist, non-religious...
  • Taiwan ranks in the top 10 most densely populated countries worldwide.

  • Taiwan is about 1/20 the size of Texas with nearly the same number of people.

  • Taiwan has complete religious freedom as the "Republic of China."

  • Taiwan has a free press and a GDP of $24,337 per capita ($530 billion [2016]).

  • Taiwan is the 22nd richest country in the world (out of 188 economies).

  • As a technologically advanced economy, Taiwan's main export is electronics.


Our Team

Our Story


Ben Murray

My passion for missions is fueled by God’s holy desire to redeem worshipers from every nation for the fame of his name!

In God's sovereignty, I was born into a Christian home. My Christian…

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    ...education exposed me to the gospel at an early age. Through the teaching of God's Word in a Christian school context, I learned of my dire need for Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.

    By the mighty workings of the Spirit of God in my young life, I realized my inherent sin was unacceptable before our holy God. By grace through faith, I placed my trust exclusively in my Savior, Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, I continued in the faith, attended church at every opportunity, and genuinely desired to grow in the knowledge of the triune God of the Bible.

    As a teenager, God was working in my heart tremendously. Under the constant preaching of God's compelling Word, God moved my heart to consider full-time ministry. God placed in my heart a desire for pastoral ministry, and I committed myself to train for ministry throughout my teenage and young adult years fully. During these years of serving diligently in the local church, God often turned my attention to global missions. God used the startling realization of the unreached and my home church's international outreach ministry (Barnabas Society) to college students (at Indiana University) to stir my heart for the nations considerably. Furthermore, God has only strengthened the direction into missions throughout my college days as I earned a Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Studies with a concentration in global missions and church planting. Today the Lord continues to invigorate my soul to reach the Chinese people with the gospel!

Natasha Murray

The great need for the gospel in Taiwan is overwhelming, but the joy of sharing the life-giving truths from God’s Word is everlasting!

I am truly thankful to God for drawing me to salvation in Christ. It was…

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    ...in my teenage years when I realized my need for Christ as my Savior. After accepting Christ. I became eager to learn about God through His Word. The Lord put in my heart a desire for ministry and to serve Him with my life.

    God continued to grow desire for missions during my college days. It was through preaching, God's Word, and missionary biographies that my love for missions grew. My heart became burdened for those in other countries who had never even heard of Christ. It was specifically in my second year of college when God stirred my heart for missions. I remember praying and telling the Lord that I was willing to go. Little did I know at the time, although God surely knew, that He was preparing me for the mission field.

    As I consider the gospel and what Christ has done, I am constrained to not live my life for myself, but rather for Him who died for me! (2 Corinthians 5:15)

    When I was in Taiwan for our six-month internship, God showed me the great need for the gospel in Taiwan. It was sobering when I talked to people who had never heard the gospel, but it was a great joy to share and explain the truths of God's Word to them!

    I look forward to returning to Taiwan with the heart and desire to share the gospel, disciple ladies, and be a helpmeet to my husband as we focus on planting churches for God's Kingdom.

The Murray Family

Ben, Natasha, and Audrik

We are undeserving beneficiaries of God’s amazing grace, and we are committed to God’s kingdom work. We take no credit; all the glory belongs to God alone!
  • Ministry and Missions Experience

    We have faithfully served on staff at Lifeway Baptist Church from May 2012—May 2016. We love local church ministry! We primarily worked with the children (3rd—6th grade). As the outreach pastor, I organized numerous events to engage our congregation in the Great Commission and reach our community with the gospel. In addition to my weekly preaching responsibility, I served our members throughout the week in many pastoral ways—hospital visits, member-care, discipleship, outreach, follow-up, etc.

    In June of 2016, we were officially sent from our home church to serve a six-month internship with established church planting missionaries (Project China) in Taiwan. The on-field ministry experience (church planting, discipleship, foundational learning of Mandarin Chinese) proved invaluable to our missionary training and preparation!

    Through God's gifting, guidance, biblical counsel, on-going missionary training, and continual pastoral care, the Lord has solidified the future course of our lives into foreign missions. Our prayer for our future ministry in Taiwan is spirit-filled longevity and kingdom effectivness. By God's enabling grace, we are committed to serving the Lord with hearts of overwhelming gratitude as church planting missionaries in Taiwan.

  • Education and Training

    I graduated with a bachelor's degree in biblical and theological studies while Natasha's degree was in Christian elementary education (West Coast Baptist College). I'm currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies fully online (Phoenix Seminary) and anticipate to finish by 2020.

    We both desire to grow in our exegetical knowledge and practical application of Scripture. We both share an avid eagerness to study and go deeper in the Word of God for personal growth and for practical ministry needs. Through monthly missions-training with Project China and formal seminary studies, we are equipping ourselves to effectively apply the marvelous truths of the gospel to cross-cultural missions work.


Our Endorsements


Steve Von Bokern

Our Senior Pastor, Lifeway Baptist Church

The Murrays have a love for people. They are diligent concerning the Word and have displayed a commitment to His call to the foreign mission field.
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    The Murrays have been a part of our ministry for several years and have served well leading our community outreach programs, children’s ministries, and assisting our music and worship ministry. Ben has also distinctly served the congregation in many pastoral ways through preaching and pastoral care. The Murrays have been a blessing to many of our members.

    The Murrays have a love for people. They are diligent concerning the Word and have displayed a commitment to His call to the foreign mission field. It is clear that both Ben and Natasha have a mutual desire to reach the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was our privilege to send and fully support the Murrays to Taiwan for six months in 2016. We have and will continue to support them ourselves with pastoral care, prayer, and as their sending church. Feel free to contact me—812-876-6072.

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Jake Taube

Missionary and Founder of Project China

I commend them to your church as worthy of your partnership in the global mission! I trust they will be a profound blessing to you both in their presentation of their ministry and in their future years of faithful service to our Lord.
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    Many aspiring missionaries’ character and commitment do not survive the first contact with the mission field. But I am happy to report that Ben and Natasha showed very plainly in their time here in Taiwan that they can stand firm in the faith on either side of the world!

    While the Murray’s were here, they did a fantastic job studying the Chinese language, adapting to the local culture, and proclaiming the gospel to unbelievers. Ben worked very hard to deepen his understanding of church-planting and disciple-making here in Taiwan. I commend them to your church as worthy of your partnership in the global mission! I trust they will be a profound blessing to you both in their presentation of their ministry and in their future years of faithful service to our Lord.

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Matt Anders

Senior Pastor, Landmark Independent Baptist Church

Our local church found them committed to the Savior’s mission and undeniably worthy of our financial and prayerful support!
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    What a joy it is to recommend Ben and Natasha to you as disciple-making partners in Taiwan! As you spend time with them, it will become obvious that they both sincerely love Jesus, His church, and unbelievers.

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Pastor Kevin Landis

Senior Pastor, Bible Chapel of Delhi Hills

From the moment I met the Murray family, I was both encouraged and impressed with their Christ-like, servant’s spirit as well as their zeal to know Christ and make Him known. I am delighted to recommend them to you as worthy servants of our Lord and Savior.

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Albert Bennett

Senior Pastor, Bible Baptist Church

Ben’s established pattern as a pastor coupled with his wife’s servant-heart, enable them to be a powerful tool in the hand of our Lord.
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    Ben and Natasha are lovers of God and lovers of His people. There calling to missions is evidenced by their passion for the glory of God through gospel declaration, the church, as well as the fruit of their labors. They have carefully and biblically thought through their missional plan to reach Taiwan. Our church has happily partnered with Murray’s and encourage you to prayerfully consider doing the same.

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Jeff French

Senior Pastor, Faith Baptist Church

The Murrays have shown themselves to be biblically driven, theologically minded, and practically relevant in a doxological manner that is uncommon within modern missions.
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    Their plan, partnerships, and people surrounding them are evidence to the deep thought and desire to follow the Lord’s call to Taiwan. Their zeal and calling has been affirmed throughout every interaction, not only by myself, but our entire leadership team and congregation. It is a great privilege to partner with the Murrays for the glory of Christ in Taiwan.

Tim Lindsey II

Senior Pastor, Life Line Baptist Church

I am impressed with the enthusiasm of the Murrays for the ministry, missions, and the people of Taiwan. We are proud to co-labor with them and are excited to see what God will do through them!